Top 10 Restaurants for best Indian Biryani in Kuala Lumpur

  • My Biryani House
  • Passage thru India
  • Anjappar Authentic Chettinad Restaurant
  • Hyderabad recipes
  • Taj Garden
  • Qureshi
  • Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju
  • Kayra
  • Mallika’s Restaurant
  • Fierce Curry House Bangsar

My Biryani House

My Biryani House is the best-visited restaurant for biryani in Kuala Lumpur, which started operation Ampang Park and expanded to Masjid India. With-in short time MyBiryani house has created its name for best biryani in Kuala Lumpur with authentic biryani, amazingly flavourful by many Indians. The restaurant also true south-Indian & north-Indian thali, dosai/ dosa, samosa, Idli, chicken Manchurian, chicken 65, pepper chicken, dragon chicken, kababs and much more.

Passage thru India

The name ‘Passage thru India’ describes the journey of your route to India, where you can experience Indian decor, music and culinary of India. This restaurant has been voted as the Best Indian Restaurant by the Arts, Culture and Tourism Ministry. Passage thru India is providing their services to the people of KL since 1994. Their menu provides nearly 130 items from different parts of India and contains different cuisines from starters to desserts. 

Source: Passage thru India

The must-try dish is Prawn masala and butter chicken. Their service is prompt and courteous. Food is refined and delicious. You will love the papadum with mint and tomato chutney.

Source: Passage thru India

This place is the best to hang out with friends and family and can experience fine dining at affordable prices. Kindly book in advance especially during weekends / public holidays. 

Anjappar Authentic Chettinad Restaurant

Anjappar Authentic Chettinad Restaurant is an Indian restaurant located at Brickfields as well as in Bangsar, KL. Originates from Chennai, India. Chettinad cuisine uses a variety of spices and described as most aromatic and spiciest. 

Source: Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant

Are you craving for biryani, then a must-try place for chicken and mutton biryani at reasonable prices. Definite tries include Chettinad chicken curry and dessert named ‘Fruit salts with vanilla ice cream’ as a great end to your meal. 

Hyderabad recipes

In Kuala Lampur, looking for Hyderabadi biryani then this is the place to visit. As the name, Hyderabad recipes resemble all the delicious dishes from Hyderabad i.e from biryani to non-veg varieties to sweet dishes. Hyderabadi biryani is one of the most popular among the other regional areas. You can enjoy a wide variety of biryani, Tawa chicken biryani, and masala tea is worth a try. 

Source: Hyderabad recipes

Taj Garden

Taj Garden is an Indian cuisine restaurant in Brickfields. It has good ambiance which serves a mix of North Indian and western cuisines. This restaurant also has outdoor seating with a lovely view.


Qureshi-The royal taste of India. It is situated in the heart of the world renowned golf course. The decor at Qureshi restaurant is elegant and luxurious. The restaurant belongs to Indian Master Chef Imtiaz Qureshi and family. Born into a family of legendary chefs, who has served the many royalties of India.

Source: Qureshi

Sri Nirwana Maju Banana Leaf

This is the place to know if you are after a traditional banana leaf meal rice, vegetables and other dishes of your choice served on a banana leaf along with pickles, pappadums and various curry sauces. Try the fried chicken and incredibly light battered squid rings, which are particularly moreish.

Source: yum yum lanka


Kayra-Kerala Cuisine, to experience the flavors of Kerala visit this restaurant.  Keralan cuisine is the only Indian regional cuisine which utilizes coconut milk to soothe the fiery spices used in their cooking. It offers a good spread of Kerala dishes, which is a nice alternative to the usual Tamil or else Northern Indian/Mughal regional options in the city.

Source: picdeer

Mallika’s Restaurant

It’s time to enjoy the authentic Biryani at Mallika’s restaurant along with Raita and Gravy to enrich the taste and to satiate your drooling!

Fierce Curry House Bangsar

Fierce Curry House in Bangsar has a name in serving one of the best Hyderabadi Dum Biryani in the city. There are many other varieties here such as chicken, scallops, cod fish, crab, king prawns, lamb shank, squid and even lobster.

Source: fierce curry house

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